Dear Colleagues, Customers, Partners, and Suppliers,

In this Code of Conduct you’ll find the six most important rules of etiquette that apply to all of us at SemioticTransfer AG.

The rules can be summed up in one sentence:

We do not strive for profit by any means possible, but rather we want to achieve our goals in alignment with ethical values and conscientious, lawful behaviour.

Most of the topics discussed will be a matter of fact for you/us because generally speaking, they are common sense. This Code of Conduct enforces our daily values and standards of social responsibility, ethics, credibility, and adherence to laws.

We are urged to embody and follow these rules every day and in every situation. By keeping our common values in mind, we are aware of what we expect from each other, what kind of behaviour we encourage, and what we will not accept – under any circumstances.

Our “Semiotic Spirit” allows us to be proactive on the market and promote our vision with conviction:

  • Connecting people
  • and markets
  • with language.

Here’s to the future with a warm “Semiotic Spirit”!

Dr. Arno Giovannini – CEO

Download the Code of Conduct


  1. Obeying the law
  2. Discrimination
  3. Honesty and confidentiality
  4. Bribery and preferential treatment
  5. Responsibility of the staff
  6. Following the Code of Conduct
  7. Obeying the law
    We abide by the laws that are applicable to our business. Strict adherence to legal provisions is the foundation for all our activities. We follow this Code of Conduct, even if it goes above and beyond legal provisions.
  8. Discrimination
    All employees are hired and promoted based solely on their abilities and qualification. Any favouritism or discrimination directed towards anyone due to their origin, skin colour, religion, nationality, background, political or union involvement or opinion, or gender or age will not be tolerated. We will also not tolerate any sexual harassment or derogatory remarks regarding someone’s gender. The respectful and fair treatment of each other is part of the “Semiotic Spirit” and an important element of our success.
  9. Honesty and confidentiality
    Our behaviour towards SemioticTransfer AG and others is always honest and upright. We treat all information and business activities in the course of our work with confidentiality and discretion.
  10. Bribery and preferential treatment
    Our relationship with business partners, officials, and third parties is based on merit, trust, product and service quality, and never on illegal gifts, payments, or favours to decision-makers. Should an employee be faced with such an offer or request, this should be reported to management immediately.
  11. Responsibility of the staff
    Management and staff are responsible for following the principles laid down in this Code of Conduct, regardless of the country of business. Staff should report any violations of this Code of Conduct or any other significant concerns directly to management.
  12. Following the Code of Conduct
    Management and staff are committed to embodying and complying with this Code of Conduct. The implementation of the Code of Conduct will be verified during the internal audit. This Code of Conduct is an integral part of the employment contract. This ensures that all employees are familiar with our Code of Conduct from the first day of employment.